Fashion Designer Purposely Stains Her Dress To Create The Most Fabulous Patterns

There's beauty in destruction.

When's the last time you wore a fresh and clean white T-shirt to work, but couldn't even last the full workday before getting it stained? For us, it was yesterday. (Damn you, tzatziki!)

Apart from the sheer embarrassment that comes with having a stain on your clothes, some of them are so annoying that they won't go away. You can wash them, bleach them, dry clean them, mail them to your mom and see if she can work some magic on them ... none of this will do.

But do not despair!

The ladies behind the #FabulousDressProject will prove to you there's always a silver lining.


To show women that having a stain on their clothes is not the end of the world, laundry detergent brand Skip teamed up with designer Celest Arendse and fashion blogger Aisha Baker.

They asked Arendse to come up with a couple of different pattern designs ... and then fulfill them using ingredients found in the average household pantry.

Arendse used coffee, ketchup, beetroot and mustard to purposely stain a beautiful white dress.

She even dipped her brushes into some eye shadows to create bold, vibrant strokes. The result?

Arendse ended up creating three eye-catching designs and totally transforming the simple white dress to what one might call an artwork.

Those coffee stains no longer look so bad, do they?

We're definitely trying this next time we spot a stain on our favorite shirt! Are you?

Watch a video about the project below:


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