Adorable Little Girl Decides It's Time To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store

She's got it all worked out.


In an adorable video of typical sibling rivalry, a sister decides it is time to put her little brother on the market. Specifically, she thinks it'd be a good idea to sell him to the pet store, for not one, not two, but a whopping $54. 

And why does she want to do this? 

So she can buy a toy owl of course! She later decides to even raise his price to $100, but with the caveat that the family will totally buy him back later. She promises. 

And when the idea is proposed to her little brother, he's surprisingly onboard. "Ya!" he says. 

Don't worry, little bro. At one time or another all of our siblings have wanted to get rid of us in exchange for a toy.  

This home video is a definite keeper. 

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