24 GIFs That Perfectly Describe What It Feels Like To Be Single On Valentine's Day

"Ugh, couples."

Once again, Valentine's Day has reared its chocolate-scented, rose-covered head. But February 14 doesn't belong exclusively to couples. If you're single, it's your time to shine. (Or sink into your couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry's, up to you.)

No significant other? No problem! Cuddle up with these 24 GIFs that illustrate what it's like to be single on Valentine's Day. And when it's all over, you can celebrate Single's Awareness Day on the 15th. 



1. Just because you're single doesn't mean your Valentine's Day plans aren't appealing ... in their own way.

2. Sure, you spend the first few hours wallowing in self-pity.

3. But then you realize being single is great. No, really.

4. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

5. You didn't even want to be in a relationship anyway!

6. Honestly, you've, like, never been happier.

7. In fact, you're feeling so great, you decide to share your new lease on life with the world.

8. Of course, as soon as you venture outside, the first thing you see are ...

9. Oh, what's that? The sound of your carefully crafted facade crumbling?

10. Happiness is fleeting. Love is an illusion. Your future is bleak.

11. Hold on. Let's not get hasty. You just haven't found anyone who can handle your awesomeness yet.

12. Then again, you've never been that good at dating.

13. But none of that will matter when you meet the right person (you hope).

14. In the meantime, you might be "alone," but that doesn't mean you're lonely.

15. You’ll always have the real love of your life: food ...

16. ... and wine.

17. Not to mention all your fulfilling hobbies!

18. Besides, everyone knows Valentine's Day is just a stupid holiday invented by Hallmark to sell greeting cards, right?

19. You really are better off single.

20. Because you — single, sensational you — are a BO$$.

21. And the only person's love you actually need is your own.

22. But it's nice to have friends, too. Grab your squad and get some brunch.

23. And if you're ever in doubt, just remember this: If Taylor Swift hadn't been single, we wouldn't have "1989."

24. You're gonna be just FIIIIIIIINE.


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