Supertrees Soaring 160 Feet Above Singapore Look Like They're Straight From The 'Avatar' Movie

The future is now.

Have you ever had that unsettling fear of not being able to experience future? The weird envy that comes from thinking how awesome it would be to live in underwater cities and mess around in Hyperloop pods ...

Thing is, while you're dreaming about skipping several hundred years forward, you are missing out on the fact that future is happening now.

To witness it you don't even need a private, Elon Musk-guided tour of the Tesla factory. You can travel places. Places like this futuristic park in Singapore.


Singapore's Garden by the Bay is a massive infrastructure of gardens and conservatories built on 250 acres of reclaimed land.

Scattered across the garden stand 18 impressive, high-rise pillars — they make the so-called Supertree Grove.

Rising as high as 160 feet, these vertical gardens are home to a variety of flora from around the world.

In the day time, their canopies provide a nice shadow to the visitors walking around the garden.

But when the night comes, these giant trees light up making you feel like an ant in a completely utopian world.

And it's not just a spectacle for the eyes. According to Gardens by the Bay, they "come alive with an exhilarating display of light and sound at night."

It looks like something straight from Pandora, the fictitious land in James Cameron's "Avatar," doesn't it?

There are over 162,900 plants of more than 200 species and varieties planted among the Supertrees.

They're also hooked with environmentally sustainable functions such as solar energy harvesting cells.

Oh, and did we mention you can witness these architectural wonders by taking a stroll down an 82-foot-long walkway?

So, now are you convinced that the future is much closer than most of us think?

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