Take Your Self On A Culinary Tour Of Springfield With This 'Simpsons' Food Blog


If there's one thing that can be definitively said about Homer Simpson, it's that he, and indeed the entire town of Springfield, know how to eat. From doughnuts to pork chops to moon waffles and beyond, the cuisine of Springfield has always been far from healthy, but undeniably delicious-looking.

Because we've recently spent a lot of time here at A Plus covering the more somber aspects of The Simpsons, like mostly sad historical moments spoofed on the show, Homer and Marge legally separating, and a Simpsons writer predicting a Trump presidency way back in 2000, it's about time we highlighted something everyone can happily agree is positive: food.

That's what brings us to Eats Like a Duck, a food blog dedicated to recreating all of the sumptuous eats featured over 27 seasons of the show. We're talking honey roasted peanuts, deviled eggs, Big John's Breakfast Log, and much, much more. Each recipe starts with the episode and conversation where a food was first mentioned and then includes step-by-step instructions for how to make it.


So you can go from this:

Fox via Eats Like a Duck

To this:

Fox via Eats Like a Duck

In no time.

Now, we never said the real-life version would turn out looking delicious, but ingredient accuracy according to the show is paramount above all else. And in the case of the breakfast log, which is pretty much just a lot of breakfast sausages smashed together, you should intuitively know what to do. Happy cooking.

(H/T: The A.V. Club)

Cover image: Joel Ormsby via Flickr


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