Watch The Latest 'Simpsons' Couch Gag Pay Homage To Classic Disney Films

Distinctly Disney.

The couch gag before every episode of The Simpsons has always been a fun diversion, especially whenever it breaks out of its standard few-seconds-long model. The most recent example definitely pokes its head above the rest, which isn't easy to do in a series that's nearing the 600-episode mark. That's due largely to longtime Disney animator Eric Goldberg lending his talents to the cause in a lengthy, nostalgia-drenched gag. 

Starting out with a black-and-white Maggie bouncing around in a nod to Steamboat Willie, the sequence switches to Lisa stepping into a Cinderella world, Marge dancing in a Snow White-esque cleaning frenzy, and Homer snacking in The Jungle Book. The mash-up then promptly comes to an end with Bart playing the buzzkill in a clever Fantasia twist.

Check out the full gag below:

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