Simone Biles Declares Herself 'Mrs. Efron' After Meeting Her Crush

Ellen is ready to officiate the wedding.

This summer, Simone Biles captured the hearts of viewers everywhere with her amazing performances in the 2016 Olympics — and her crush Zac Efron.

The gymnast will take home five medals from the games, including four gold, but she also received another reward when Efron showed up in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday to meet her.

The gymnast has a cardboard cutout of Efron in her bedroom and was completely surprised when Today host Hoda Kotb brought out the actor. Before the big reveal, Kotb recounted an earlier conversation with Biles where the gymnast said she may need a defibrillator if a "certain person showed up." 

Luckily, Biles kept her composure — like she did on the vault — when Efron popped out from backstage. 

There were, however, many loud screams.

And some friendly kisses on the cheek as well.

Later, Efron talked about meeting Biles and the Final Five, and revealed why he felt the need to take a trip down to Rio.

He told Kotb and Matt Lauer that he was inspired because "their story just blew my mind." He added, "When I found out Simone and this team were fans, I was like, 'What kind of guy am I if I don't show up?'"

Efron also shared a few selfies with Biles on his own Twitter account. 

Now that the two have officially met, Biles took to Twitter, jokingly proclaiming herself as "Mrs. Efron." Ellen DeGeneres got wind of the gathering and playfully offered to marry the two next Thursday.

If the happy couple needs any ring bearers, we'd be more than happy to help.

You can watch Efron and Biles meet in the video below:

You can also check out Efron's interview on “Today” below.

(H/T: Today)


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