21 Things Women Passionately Hate, But Keep On Doing Anyway

The struggle is real, ladies.

1. Blow-drying and straightening hair. Because it takes an eternity and messes up the moment you step outside.

2. Taking showers. Because your hair gets wet and you're back to No. 1.

3. Crossing legs. Because they fall asleep and it really hurts to bring them back to life.

4. Buying bras. Or wearing one for that matter. Because they cost a fortune and because #FreeTheNipple.

5. Switching purses. Because you always forget something.

6. Covering up a sexy outfit on the street. Because creeps will leer and catcall you, and you don't want to start a fight even though you know you'll win.

7. Shaving. Because you'll never get ALL the hair.

8. Dealing with people telling you not to dress and behave a certain way if you don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention. Because EXCUSE YOU?

9. Drying nail polish. Because it always smudges.

10. Trying to hide tampons on the way to the bathroom. Because period shaming.

11. Wearing red lipstick. Because if you're not careful enough, you end up looking like Heath Ledger's Joker.

12. Meeting guys on Tinder. Because we dream of Mr. Right, not Mr. Who Swiped Right.

13. Tanning. Because it makes you sweaty and is never really even.

14. Taking selfies. Because it requires at least 10 different takes to get a decent one.

15. Packing for trips. Because how do you distinguish the stuff that you will need from the stuff you probably most definitely won't?

16. Applying eyeliner. Because it's a freaking Sisyphean task.

17. Wearing heels. Because it's really far from walking on clouds.

18. Buying the morning-after pill. Because eye rolls.

19. Taking care of boyfriends when they're sick. Because they turn into the biggest babies ever.

20. Blowjobs. Just because.

21. Adding a bunch of exclamation points and smiley faces to emails. Because otherwise you're bitchy and assertive.

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