After Watching This Video, You'll Want To Check All Of Your Apps' Privacy Settings

Yes, you did just allow an app to read your text messages.

We are so busted.


Usually, when you download a new app, you want to use it immediately. It's pretty common for people to skip reading the app's full terms and conditions, and just click accept without learning about the kinds of functions they are giving the app permission to perform. But maybe it's time to start scrolling. 

Encrypted communications company Silent Circle decided to bring our collective lack of awareness about data privacy to our attention, and the way they did it is both genius and horrifying.

The company sent a film crew out into the streets of San Francisco, where they asked people to read aloud some of the things they had agreed their apps could do.

"I allow this app to record audio at any time without my permission" is just one example. Can you handle the rest?

(H/T: Laughing Squid)

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