13 Signs You’ve Become A 'Real' Adult

Teen angst = “Ugh! My parents!” Adult angst = “Ugh! Me!”

Even as adults, we often don't feel totally grown up. Perhaps that's why so many of us are proud to share our "adulting" moments on social media when we do something markedly mature — like actually separating colors when we do laundry, or keeping a house plant alive for more than a week. 

Of course, entering adulthood is a gradual process, but sometimes all those adulting times add up to one "ah-ha" moment where you look at yourself and realize you're more grown up than you thought. Maybe that moment happened when you didn't recognize a new song or artist on the radio. Maybe it happened when you paid a bill that had nothing to do with entertainment, or maybe it happened when you found yourself cracking a dad joke (and actually laughing at it). 

On November 30, Twitter was abuzz with a discussion of all of the telltale signs of peak adulthood. Using the hashtag #SignsYoureARealAdult, users shared their personal experiences with growing up. Turns out, contrary to our younger beliefs, "adulting" isn't all that exciting. In fact, the realization of being a "real" grown-up often comes from the most uneventful moments. 

Take a look at a few of our favorite responses to the trending hashtag.


1. Your needs are no longer just your own.

2. Oh, it’s holiday season? Didn’t notice.

3. Squad goals just aren’t the same anymore.

4. Parents suddenly become friends?

5. A curfew doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

6. Who’s this Fifth Harmony person?

7. Teen angst = “Ugh! My parents!” Adult angst = “Ugh! Me!”

8. Living life in the medium speed lane.

9. Also, when you make the appointment by yourself.

10. When you realize your parents may have been on to something.

11. You finally understand the dirty looks you and your friends received all those years ago.

12. How is this even possible?

13. When your weekend is fully booked with zzz’s.

Cover image via  hannah grace on Unsplash

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