Obvious Signs That Your Significant Other Is Your BFF


We move through life projecting only the version of ourselves that's suitable for a wide audience. We try not to be ugly, honest or vulnerable for fear that our peers might transform into critics and leave us feeling embarrassed or alone. 

That's why finding a significant other to share life with is so important. That person doubles as a safe haven in which our truest selves can run free. If you've ever had a significant other, a best friend, or a significant other who is also your best friend then this video will fill you heart with gooey mush. 

These two lovebirds were lucky enough to find partners with whom they can be their unfiltered, uncensored selves — and still feel loved. 

These are the signs that your relationship is two crucial relationships — BFF and lover — all wrapped into one snuggly spooning session.  

You two are spending so much time together, you're becoming the same person.

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You don't even feel weird taking care of extremely personal matters right in front of each other.

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Your relationship is so strong that you can bounce back from a fight in no time.

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The contents of your respective closets are equally familiar to both of you.

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You have a shorthand when it comes to introducing other people to your bubble. Neither of you needs to say a word but you're on the exact same page.

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Even though you're BFFs, the chivalry hasn't died.

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Watch these cuties in the video above interacting with each other in the cutest way ever.


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