When Rose Sees What She Looks Like For The First Time, She Can't Hold Back Her Tears Of Joy

The first thing she wants to do: get a haircut.

Rose, from Malawi, has been blind since she was a baby.


As the video below states, she is just one of many children from her country that suffer from cataracts.

Making matters worse, the operation costs too much money for many to afford and there are few health care options.

However, with help from the charity Sightsavers, Rose will no longer live life in the dark.

She can now go to school with her friends — something she was unable to do before.

Instead of doing chores all the time, she can now attend classes to learn how to write.

Before doing any of that though, there is one important thing Rose wants to do upon seeing what she looks like for the first time:

Watch the touching video below:

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