15 Tattoos That Show The Unbreakable Bond Between Siblings

"Harry Potter" fans will love #11.

There are plenty of things you should probably avoid getting tattooed: a significant other's name is almost never a good idea.

If you're going to go under the needle, however, a tattoo related to your family is a pretty safe bet, especially if you're going to get something with your siblings. That's because our siblings can sometimes be our first friends, even though they may not always act like it. At the end of the day, they are the ones who can be counted on not tell mom and dad and take our secrets with them to the grave. All that said, they make the perfect tattoo partners: after all what could possibly be more cohesive than blood and ink?

We scoured Instagram for some examples of great tattoos that people got with their siblings and we were not disappointed. Here are 16 examples of tattoos that pay tribute to some of the best people in our lives.


1. Times seven.

2. Always.

3. Says it all.

4. Matryoshka tattoos? Adorable.

5. Words to live by.

6. Love the subtlety on this.

7. Seuss-ter tattoos.

8. Look closely, then look at the name.

9. "Everything that comes in threes is perfect."

10. Had to hurt, but worth the pain.

11. A beautiful line spoken by Sirius Black.

12. Double trouble.

13. We love this.

14. Sailors will understand this one.

15. Beautiful.

16. For life.

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