2 Brothers And Their Wives Make Pregnancy Announcements Set To 'Shut Up And Dance.' And Yep, It's Epic.

"I guess we can't go back..."

Meet Jon and Danielle Murray.


Judging by the video they uploaded on their family's YouTube channel a couple of days ago, these two have a pretty big announcement to make.

Are you guys ready for this?

Well, we guess you kind of figured. 

Yep! They are adding some new addition to their family. And this the video set to their remake of Walk The Moon's song "Shut up and Dance" is their pregnancy announcement. 

They already have 3 bundles of joy.

And there's a fourth one on the way. But they are not alone...

... because Jon's brother Aaron and his wife Liz are also expecting.

Yep. One more!

Seriously, though. How can you not dance when watching this video?

Check it out below. You might want turn the volume up. And dance.

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(H/T: Elite Daily)


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