Shrek, The Sheep Who Escaped Shearing For 6 Years By Hiding In A Cave.

The master of hide and seek.

Getting a haircut doesn"t sound like a scene from a horror movie. But for Shrek it would. Shrek, a Merino sheep male, belongs among New Zealand"s top animal celebrities. He earned his fame after escaping his owners and evading shearing for six years straight. Shrek managed to avoid the unpleasant beauty treatment by hiding in caves. The result – an enormous, gigantic, turbo-big coat of fleece.

Merino sheep are normally shorn annually, so when Shrek was finally caught he was unrecognizable, to say the least: "He looked like some biblical creature",- said John Perriam, sheep"s owner. Shrek"s lush coat weighed 27 kilos and contained enough wool to make suits for 20 large men!

Yes, there is a sheep hiding somewhere.

Shrek was caught after six years of hiding in caves.

He became an instant celebrity for his gigantic coat of fleece weighing 27 kilos!

Shrek was sheared live on New Zealand's national television.

His fleece was auctioned off to raise money for children's medical charities.

Shrek also met the Prime Minister of New Zealand and became a frequent subject on children's books.

Merino sheep, as Shrek, are sheared annually.

Primitive sheep use to shed their wool every year, but domestic breeds continue to grow their wool until they are sheared.

Shrek died in 2011 at the age of sixteen but his fuzzy story keeps traveling the world to this day.



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