Deliver Packages For Amazon Flex And Make $18-25 An Hour

Amazon wants YOU to Flex.

In a world where businesses are rushing to become an Uber for every industry, Amazon is entering on-demand delivery.

The leading online retailer introduced Amazon Flex at the tail end of September, inviting the everyday guy or gal to deliver Amazon packages for an hourly rate.

The e-commerce giant isn't throwing out peanuts either. Amazon is currently offering $18 to $25 dollars per hour to prospective drivers. Drivers can deliver full time up to eight hours per day, or two-to-four-hour blocks on their own time. Simply put, Flex invites drivers to "be your own boss."


Should I Work for Amazon Flex Delivery?

If one is thinking about becoming a Flex program delivery person, they'll have to go through a regular background check. Amazon requires drivers to be 21 and older, own a vehicle and a driver's license, and an Android phone. Hold on iPhone users: those with iOS devices will have to wait it out to participate until Amazon rolls out the program.

At the moment, Amazon Flex requires delivery candidates to have a vehicle, however, they may look to expand to bike riders or even pedestrians in the future.

The service has gone live in Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered. In Washington largest city, the company has already tested out Prime Now, and the option to deliver beer and wine. In addition, Amazon also announced it will be rolling out the Flex program soon in New York, Miami, Portland, Ore., Baltimore, Austin, Dallas, Chicago and Indianapolis.

So unless you are a 21-year-old with a car and an Android phone living in Seattle, working for Amazon Flex will have to wait.

Check out the Amazon Flex website to sign up and check out more information.


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