This Vending Machine Dispenses Short Stories Instead Of Snacks, And We're Super Into It

We could all use a good read.

While we love a good vending machine snack from time to time, one machine's giving on-the-go food a run for its money by printing out short stories for its visitors. 

The Short Story Dispenser by Short Édition offers people a way to pass the time, say, at a business place, such as an airport. Moreover, "Short Édition's aim is to adapt literature to the modern world by combining short literature, the community and technology," its website reads

To help optimize their experience, users can select a one-minute, three-minute, or five-minute story to read, depending on how much time they have. The Short Story Dispenser then prints out the story on paper. For example, in a photo uploaded to Reddit, one user holds their short story, "Time to Go Home," by Thierry Covolo, in their hand. 


We love that the machine can also serve as a conversation piece and connect people through their love for literature. And in a world that often turns to our phones as a source of entertainment, we could all use a good read. 

Find out more about the dispenser by clicking here

(H/T: My Modern Net)

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