100-Year-Old Sex Therapist Explains How Drastically Sex Has Changed Over Time

Sex has really evolved over the years.

"Sexual pleasure is only one part of what men and women want from each other."

That's the first piece of wisdom we hear from Shirley Zussman, a 100-year-old sex therapist, in a mini documentary clip created by LIFE.com. In the video, she shares her thoughts on the state of sexual relations today, which according to her, have changed a lot.

"I'm shocked at the lack of connection with people because of iPhone," she says. "There's less touching, less holding, less looking."

While that information may seem obvious, Zussman then reveals the problem she encounters most as a sex therapist: a lack of desire.

TIME fleshed out her wisdom in a separate piece, where she explained that over time, sex has evolved into something people have for pleasure, an idea sparked during the sexual revolution. "It was not just about having babies," she says, which put the stigma of getting therapy at ease.

However, nowadays, she finds that our busy and hectic lifestyles can hurt our desires. "There is a limit to how much energy and desire and time you can give to one person when there is all this pressure make more money, to be the CEO, to buy a summer house, people want more and more and more," she says. Losing desire is "a consequence of being exhausted."


Zussman still practices sex therapy in New York City. Check out LIFE's video above to hear more.

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