This Chinese Construction Worker Puts In Extra Work While On The Clock

Full-time builder, part-time gymnast.


There are lots of people who struggle to keep up with their daily tasks at work.

So imagine concurrently working your second job as an online superstar.

That's the case for 23-year-old Shi Shenwei, a construction worker who teaches his own self-designed fitness routines in online videos. 

Using bricks as weights and the frames of structures found on the sites of his gigs, his amazing exercises blend movements akin to gymnastics and parkour to sculpt his own physique and those of his viewers.

"I wanted to change myself, he says, after it's mentioned he was addicted to online gaming as a youngster and didn't do so well in school. "I saw a workout video on the Internet, and I thought the routine was great."

And online viewers think the same thing about him. He's appeared on several televised Chinese talent shows and has more than 1 million fans on a popular video app.

Check out the video above for more of his fantastic feats!


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