After Suffering A Miscarriage, She Shared The Things That She Is Grateful For In Her Life

"I'm grateful I have a platform to share my story to help others."

Miscarriages are a devastating loss for families, who then have to process their grief and reveal the sad news to those around them. Sometimes this can result in more challenges when people don't know what to say, or they say the wrong thing. And this can make people experiencing the pregnancy loss feel even more alone.

The are more people speaking out about miscarriages to increase awareness and understanding about the subject. Furthermore, the Miscarriage Association recently launched the #SimplySay campaign to help people understand what's appropriate to say to someone who experienced pregnancy loss.


Shelly Mettling is speaking out about her miscarriage, but she is focusing on what she is grateful for from the experience.

In an Instagram post, Mettling opens up about how two weeks ago she and her husband found out that they were expecting. Now, they're "losing something that they prayed so damn hard for." She admits to being angry, emotional, sad, confused, and frustrated, but the emotion she wants to take away from the experience is being grateful.

Mettling then lists the things in her life she is grateful for. "I'm grateful that I got to Feel (even for a short time) the power of Motherhood," she writes.

She adds that she was grateful to feel the love of someone she had never met, and she is grateful to have felt the bond women feel when they find out a baby is growing inside of them. Mettling is grateful to God for giving her this experience to test her strength, and she's also grateful to her supportive friends and family.

"I'm grateful I have a platform to share my story to help others who have made room in their own hearts for someone special they too never got to meet," she writes.

Mettling concludes the post, "I'm Sad, I'm Heartbroken, I'm torn to pieces, but I'm Grateful! Because ... 'A Grateful Heart is a magnet for miracles' and Life still has a lot of those in store for me!"

Commenters are expressing their condolences while sharing their own stories. One Instagram user wrote, "So sorry for your loss. My first baby would have been 17 years of age November 10th. You never ever forget but I am truly blessed with my family I have now."

Another said, "Having been a parent who has lost a child I understand and feel your pain. For that I pray that Grace helps you overcome."

(H/T: Popsugar)


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