SheaMoisture's Campaign Aims To Change 'Normal' Beauty Standards

"Big beauty just need to open its eyes."

Last spring, SheaMoisture, a beauty care company, launched their #BreakTheWalls campaign which aimed to raise awareness about segregated beauty aisles that put products labeled for women of color in a limited, "ethnic" section of the store. They also launched their "Good Hair Day" tool which works to identify a person's hair type based on a photo and then offers up some hair products tailored to their type. 

Now, the brand is back to break down more barriers in the beauty space. This time, they're asking a simple, yet increasingly significant question: "What is normal?"

In a new video, this question is posed to women who have various skin tones, hair types, and bodies. 

"You can't live in America and not be aware of the double standards when it comes to beauty," one woman responded. 

"I don't think an industry should define what's normal," another woman replied. 


"Big beauty just need to open its eyes," another woman said.

If they did, they'd notice that women come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and hair, and skin types. The video didn't say it, but we will. There's is no "normal" when it comes to beauty. So, instead of trying o fit into a narrow idea of what's beautiful or "normal" set by industry standards, we should be celebrating the things that make us unique. 

This campaign is just one of many recent efforts to help change the beauty industry. More and more people are speaking up about unfair, noninclusive beauty standards the industry has abided by for so long. They want more representation in advertisements, in the products companies offer, and in the models that walk down the runway

We're already seeing tons of improvements in the industry because of the people who advocate for change through social media, petitions, and campaigns just like SheaMoisture's. It's one trend we hope never goes out of style. 

(H/T: InStyle


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