A Woman Lost Her Wallet But It Was Returned With Something Unexpected

A little bit of faith in kindness.

Last week, in the midst of horrendous news and dire headlines, The Herald News of Will County, Illinois reported what might seem like an unremarkable event: a young woman lost her wallet.

However, an unexpected random act of kindness made the story much more meaningful.

Minooka, Illinois resident Katy Summers is 23 years old, 8 months pregnant, and an elementary teacher currently working at a preschool. Despite an undergraduate degree in education, she's only paid minimum wage -- which is $8.25 per hour in Illinois.

Two weeks ago, after doing some post-workday grocery shopping, Katy left a gas station in Minooka with her wallet on the roof of her car. It didn't take long before she realized what she had done. Within ten minutes, she was back at the station.

Searching the parking lot and garbage cans at the gas station, she found nothing. Not the $140 in gift cards for baby stuff. Not the $45 in cash she had. Not her debit card. Not her driver's license. Not her empty wallet. "I pictured a teenager picking it up, taking the money out and throwing it away," she told The Herald News. "I figured at least I could get my ID." To make matters worse, she wasn't even sure her ID had the correct address on it.

So she drove back home and began unloading her groceries. As she and her mom walked the bags into her house, a man in a black car pulled up. Still crying, Katy asked if he had her wallet.

He did. He explained that he found her wallet, located her address on a map, and then drove to return it. He handed it back to Katy without any fanfare and drove off. "I didn"t get his name or anything," Katy told The Herald News. "When he pulled up, I was so shocked he was even in front of my house."

She peered inside and found her ID, cards and money all there.

And then she found this:

Katy Summers via The Herald News.

The man had tucked a $20.00 bill and a small note that said "Random Act of Kindness" into her wallet.

Katy Summers contacted Kate Schott, editor of The Herald News, to tell her story. "I would want him to know just how much it truly meant to us," she told Ms. Schott. "And how obligated I feel to pay it forward now. Everybody says how one good deed can lead to a million. And I feel like that. I want to do good things for other people."

She lost her wallet and perhaps a little faith...but just for a moment. It was returned with the best of things: hope.

Source: Kate Schott and The Herald News were kind enough to allows us to share this story and the included photograph. The original article, by Ms. Schott, appeared in The Herald News and may be found here.

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We hope you'll share this simple story with your friends...and that you'll find ways to be kind to others, especially when they need it the most.



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