Shawn Mendes Tries Not To Spill His Milk While Playing James Corden's 'Flinch'

"Does the suspense make it worse?"

Shawn Mendes just announced a week-long residency on James Corden's Late Late Show starting June 4, so he had better get used to the host's shenanigans. Wednesday night's game of "Flinch" with fellow guests Hilary Swank and Zach Woods should do the trick.

The concept of the game is that the celebrity stands behind Plexiglas and tries to remain stoic while Corden shoots produce at them. In this case, he had his guests hold martinis and try not to spill. Since Mendes is only 19, however, he was challenged to hold a martini glass full of milk.


Corden makes it clear with Woods and Swank that the flying fruit could arrive at any second, and it puts Mendes a little on edge when he gets behind the glass — especially when he hears that the host put an avocado in the machine

"Does the suspense make it worse?" Corden asks to tease the singer. Eventually, he tells Mendes to count down, and before he can even make it past "five," the host is pressing the button. As the slo-mo replay shows, Mendes spilled a little bit of milk — but not enough to cry over.

Check out the full game, including Corden's own impressive go, below:


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