Shaq Should Chill On The Gambling Or He'll Have To Keep Wandering Around Pantsless

A bet's a bet.

After a long career that saw him win four NBA championships, Shaq is understandably a pretty confident dude. As an analyst for NBA on TNT, he's second only to Charles Barkley in outrageous comments and general showmanship. Every now and then, though, he goes too far for his own good and has to be put in his place.

The most recent case happened when the big man made a big bet on what Dwight Howard's final stat line would be in a game between the Rockets and Bulls. He said Dwight would get 18 points and come down with seven rebounds, and even committed to a bet that'd see him go on set without pants the next day.


Here's the proof:

Of course, Howard didn't hold up his end of the deal, hitting the rebounds mark with 13, but falling short on points with seven. That's when the house came to collect its due:

Luckily, Shaq's a man of his word.

Don't gamble, kids. This is what happens.

Cover image: nbaontnt via Instagram


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