Smoothie Company Workers Hilariously Respond To Gift Of 'For Her' Pens

Genius response!

London-based juice and smoothie company Innocent received an interesting present for International Women's Day — pink and purple "For Her" pens from BIC.

In response to the pens' apparent absurdity (do women really need pink pens to write?), several staff members participated in a spoof Facebook photo post.

"We've been sent a box of 'BIC for her' pens designed especially for women to celebrate International Women's Day. Revolutionary," they wrote on Facebook.


Innocent's comments on the post only added to the hilarity.

"You can't buy these," the staff members wrote in response to a female commenter. "Women should never be trusted with financial matters. Do you have a man with access to funds who could purchase them for you? Provided you have enough pocket money left, of course."

Innocent also posted this photo:

The BIC "For Her" pens are available for purchase, and they have an Amazon rating of three out of five stars — currently. It's possible the rating could change because of Innocent's incredibly funny response.

(H/T: Mashable)


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