Watch Seth Rogen And Jimmy Fallon Perform Stand-Up Comedy Jokes Submitted By Kids

"How many ears does Captain Kirk have?"

We all know that kids say the darndest things, so it's no surprise the jokes they submitted to The Tonight Show for a segment called "Kid Stand-Up" earned more than a few laughs from the studio audience. It of course helped that they were being performed by host Jimmy Fallon and his guest Seth Rogen. Seth himself started doing stand-up when he was a teenager, so this segment was pretty much made for him.

Steve Higgins explains during the introduction, "Every joke you hear tonight was written by kids age five to 10." Those jokes range from the totally silly to the very clever. There are quite a few puns involved, too. But really, who doesn't love a good pun?

"Where does the president keep his armies? In his sleevies."

As Seth points out, a few of the jokes contain some pretty sophisticated references, like the one that asks, "How many ears does Captain Kirk have?" The answer? "His left ear, his right ear, and his final front ear."

Other references are more expected coming from this age group. There of course has to be at least one Frozen joke. In this case it's the following: "Why don't you give Elsa from Frozen a balloon?" Why, you ask? "'Cause she'll let it gooo, let it gooo..." You had to see that one coming.

Hear all the jokes below:


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