A Painter Is Taking Ordinary Buildings And Turning Them Into Beautiful Works Of Art


When we look up at buildings, we usually just see plain old bricks.


However, Instagram user and artist Seth Globepainter and his fellow collaborators are adding a touch of life to otherwise ordinary structures.

Some paintings are aimed purely at visual effect, whereas others represent different aspects of the culture where the project is located.

For example, this painting below was done in Réunion Island, and represents the island's diversity.

As you can see, each box conjoins together, bringing together the different cultures.

This painting, done in the same location, shows a girl pulling down a curtain on the exterior of the building to see the light blue "sky" behind it.

This mural of a boy writing and drawing a boat on a wall was done in Paris, following the November 15 attacks.

According to FrenchMoments.eu, the phrase he is painting means, "She is tossed by the waves but does not sink.

This painting is of an aboriginal girl from Taiwan.

This one is located in a multicultural district of Montreal.

Seth painted this in Tahiti as part of a graffiti contest. It's certainly mesmerizing.

Lastly, "Masks" was done in collaboration with artist Hong He Ping, fittingly for the Beijing Opera.

You can see the rest of the gorgeous paintings on Seth's Instagram page.

Dream on.


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