Handling Drama Appropriately Is Hard. Let This 'Real Housewives' Parody From 'Sesame Street' Teach You How.

"I have a taste for trash, and trash has a taste for me."

While the Real Housewives might be a guilty pleasure for some, Sesame Street is taking the drama-obsessed franchise and teaching us how to best handle dramatic situations — you know, instead of flipping tables, pulling hair, and, yes, throwing prosthetic legs.

The educational series, in true Bravo fashion, has released a three-part series titled "The Real Grouches of Sesame Street," and it's the perfect thing to satisfy both adults and children alike. The main trio of meanies are Oscar, Grundgetta, and Diva GarbageDump. Then there's Grover who, as the blue Muppet adorably puts it, is "the cute one."

These clips have everything, from the hilarious tagline opener that each episode of a Real Housewives show has, to a tiny dog, air kisses, confessionals, and drama over the little things. What sets it apart from the reality TV giant, though, are the kid-friendly messages of being kind to each other, the meaning of friendship, and sharing with other people.

Let's take this installment-by-installment, shall we?

Part 1: "Meet The Real Grouches Of Sesame Street"

Here's where we're introduced to the cast. Oscar, Grundgetta, and Diva GarbageDump all have hilarious taglines, and all of them deal with trash and being a not-so-great person. They are seriously shockingly similar to some actual Real Housewives taglines. Then, finally, there's Grover who says you can be anything on Sesame Street, but "it is most important to be kind." Needless to say, Grover's grumpy pals aren't so excited about having a ray of positivity around.

Part 2: "The Real Grouches: Grouch Talent Show"

The second part has the foursome preparing to go on stage for the Grouch Talent Show. All three Grouches want to debut new songs — like "Grouchy for the Party," "Pretty Messy," and "Money Can't Buy You Trash," respectively — but they can't decide who should go first. Again, shockingly similar to songs that actual stars of the Real Housewives franchise have released. Leave it to Grover who steps in and helps the others learn how friends can share the spotlight.

Part 3: "The Real Grouches: Dinner At FUR Lounge"

Finally, in the final video, the three Grouches come together for a dinner at FUR Lounge — again, eerily similar to the restaurant at the center of the Real Housewives spin-off, Vanderpump Rules — while Grover acts as a waiter. Again, there's a conundrum: there's only one piece of moldy cheese for the group to share (gasp!). Not only do we learn how to count to three, but we learn that you can take one thing and split it for everyone to enjoy without anyone being left out.

Can we get an entire season of these enjoyable-yet-informative situations, please?

(H/T: Romper)


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