11 Reminders Serena Williams Exists On A Different Plane


Serena Williams has been destroying the tennis world for over a decade now, and recently put us all in our place by holding every major title at once for the second time. We've gotten so used to her dominance we're almost numbed by how amazing she is. Here are some reminders, for those who have forgotten.


1. She's all about being flexible on the court.

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2. When she crashed a wedding in her leopard onesie.

Serena Williams "crashes" wedding in leopard swimsuit. Groom looks like he wants her to crash the honeymoon.

3. Her victory dances are on another level.

4. In fact, all her dances are fantastic.

5. She's running out of space for those trophies.

6. Her onesie game is the truth.

7. What a winner.

8. She's even got the footies.

9. She could probably win a match on her hands.

10. She could destroy anyone in an arm wrestling match.

11. Yay girl. You deserve it.


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