Serena Williams Honored As The Greatest Athlete Ever In Nike Ad

Unlimited greatness indeed.

In the course of her legendary tennis career, Serena Williams has often been the target of sexist rhetoric. At a press conference in July, Williams received an egregiously sexist question from a reporter who asked her how she felt being "one of the greatest female athletes of all time."

"I prefer the words 'one of the greatest athletes of all time," Williams responded.

Well, it seems that Nike is fulfilling Williams' wish by striking the word "female" and dubbing her as the "greatest athlete ever" in a new ad called "Unlimited Greatness."

The ad, created by agency Wieden & Kennedy, captures the dramatic rise, decline, and rise to greatness again during Williams' storied journey in professional tennis.

Instead of using voiceover or dialogue to chronicle Williams' story, the ad relies on dramatic music and simple text on the screen. For example, the word "Compton" is a reference of where she grew up. "Sister" is a symbolic reference to her sister, Venus. "#304" was her initial ranking before defeating two top 10 opponents. "#169" was her ranking after her injury before she ascended to becoming a champion again.

As of September 2, the ad on YouTube received more than 114,000 views.

Along with the video, Nike also installed outdoor advertisements declaring Williams as the "Greatest athlete ever."

Nike's empowering ad campaign with Williams will hopefully inspire the next generation of young females to know that anyone is capable of achieving greatness.

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