Check Out Serena Williams Redefining What It Means To Be Strong And Sexy


If gracing magazine covers were entrances, Serena Williams' would be grand. 

New York magazine featured the No. 1-ranked tennis champion and bad*ss woman as its front page star for the Aug. 11 issue. With so many women's magazines typically touting cover women who fit one perception of beauty, 'NY' mag went in a different direction: strong. 

The mag and Williams shared a few images of the shoot that prove just that, coming a month after she addressed online body shamers in a New York Times piece

"I'm really happy with my body type, and I'm really proud of it," she said. "Obviously it works out for me. I talk about it all the time, how it was uncomfortable for someone like me to be in my body."


Even though it's incredible, her physique isn't the only way she's exuding confidence.

In the mag's accompanying interview, Williams explains that on the court or in life, she isn't afraid to say it like it is:

“If someone has a bad call, I’m really forthcoming. I’ll look you in the eye and say, ‘Are you sure?’ I’m okay with confrontation. I’ve just” — eyebrow raise — “changed the way I state certain things.”

Check out the full cover.

Slay, Serena, slay.

(H/T: CafeMom)


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