U.S. Senator Sets A Summer Goal To Walk Across His State Meeting Citizens

He wants to get "a different perspective."

For U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, it's go big or go home.

Earlier this year, Murphy led a filibuster demanding action on gun control following the Orlando nightclub shooting. Now he's putting his mind to a new goal — walking across the state he represents meeting with everyday citizens.


Murphy began his journey Monday to mark "the unofficial last week of summer in Connecticut." He started in Voluntown, near the Rhode Island border, and headed west. 

Murphy shared in a Twitter video that he aims to walk 20 miles per day. In his recap of day one, which you can read here, he recorded 11.82 miles to Norwich, but he plans to pick up the pace.

It's always encouraging to see politicians engaging with citizens, but Murphy is taking it to a whole new level. Here's what he hopes to get out of the experience:

The idea is to see Connecticut from a different perspective ... and to try to stop in to as many homes and businesses and places of work as I can to try to hear about what people care about on the ground floor of Connecticut. People that may never have a thought to email me or write my office or come visit me. Maybe I'll be able to get a perspective walking across the state that's different than you'd get any other way.

He admitted he wasn't sure how far he would get, but he's ready to try. That's an outlook we can all learn from.

Murphy's first day on the road was a busy one. He stopped for ice cream, met with local business owners and farmers, and held a town hall discussion in Norwich. He's been documenting his journey on social media, including Twitter and Snapchat, which you can follow @ChrisMurphyCT.

One citizen in the town of Preston even joined Murphy for a few miles to discuss "the town's economic development efforts." Topics of the town hall, meanwhile, included "transportation, mental health and the opioid epidemic."

Murphy ended his night serving wings at a local brewing company in Norwich. We can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

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