8 Ways Selling Gross Things From Your Body Can Make You Money

Never would have guessed...

While it is illegal to sell an organ in the U.S., it is well-known that people can legally make money by selling things like blood, hair, eggs and sperm.

However, there are several obscure (and kinda disgusting) things from a human body that could sell for big bucks. Warning: You might feel a little nauseous reading about these eight gross things people have attempted to sell from their bodies:

1. Breast milk.

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While breast milk is typically used by new mothers to feed their infants, it seems it's becoming a hot commodity. Because of the nutrients in breast milk for both babies and adults, a new company called Prolacta Bioscience sells breast milk, and they received $46 million in investments from venture capitalists. There was even a mother in Britain last year who made over $4,700 for selling her breast milk. 

2. Poop.

Today my dog did a vertical poop

People always sell their crap for money, and now you can literally do that. Non-profit OpenBiome processes and distributes human excrement to sick patients to help them fight infections. People who sell their healthy feces to OpenBiome can earn up to $13,000 per year. The next time you have a bowel movement, think about how you can earn extra cash, and help sick people.

3. Farts.

Instead of doing something silly like lighting your farts on fire, you might be able to actually sell them. That's what a California man did when he attempted to start a company on Kickstarter that sold farts in a jar. And in 2012, a woman listed her farts in a jar on eBay. If you make money, you'll be stinkin' rich.

4. Pubic hair.

Pubic Hair

Selling hair is normal, but now it seems that might include pubic hair. Last year, a man in Ohio attempted to sell pubic hair that he claimed came from Elvis Presley for $5,000.  A woman in the UK, who needed to pay for expensive laser hair removal in the bikini area, offered in 2011 to sell each pubic hair at $200 a pop. Whatever floats your boat... ? 

5. Placenta.

Came for the Placenta.... stayed for the White

Most people see the placenta as a biological bond between mom and infant. Others see placenta as art, jewelry, medicine and even food. Many hospitals attempt to keep the placenta away from new moms, with the rumor that some hospitals sell the placentas to pharmaceutical and biomedical companies. As the placenta market continues to grow, more moms might try to cash in on this.

6. Urine.

Scientists have figured out to get stem cells from urine samples.

Why piss your money away when you can make money from... you get it. There are legitimate businesses that sell clean urine samples to anyone. In 2013, a Florida tried to sell his urine for $20 an ounce on Craigslist. It turns out that pee is more valuable than people thought.

7. Teeth.


The tooth fairy isn't the only one who will pay you for teeth. Since it was revealed in 2012 that people can sell human teeth on Etsy, it seems that people are still selling real teeth on there. Last year, someone on Craigslist tried to sell human baby teeth at $5 each. If you ever lose a real tooth, you could be smiling from the money you might make.

8. Testicles.

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In 2013, a Las Vegas man appeared on an episode of TLC's "Extreme Cheapskates" and found a study in which he would sell one of his testicles for the sum of $35,000. While there have been no reports confirming if he actually went through with it, it seems he wanted to spend the money on a new car. To go through such a procedure is very ballsy.

(H/T: Bankrate)

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