Sorry, But This Cat And His Friends Have Way More Insta Game Than You Ever Will

"Hello, this is cat."

If you think your selfie game is on fleek, think again.


This cat and his friends have perfected the art form. Look at this masterpiece.

"Duck face" is so 2015. Say hello to "cat face."

You think you and your friends know humor and silly hats? Think again.

Even when being photobombed, this cat remains cool.

This extremely talented cat goes by the name of Manny, according to Bored Panda.

Just how did Manny learn this fantastic skill?

As Bored Panda explains, "Manny learned to use the camera by chance when it reached out to touch the camera during a shoot one day."

His owner told that "he is the boss of the dogs,” and is always ready for his closeup.


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