Guy Silently Walks Around Surprising People With A Selfie Stick And The Results Are Pure Gold

"This is like the second weirdest thing that's happened to me at this office so far."

Ah, the selfie stick — a curious contraption that Instagrammers, tourists, millennials, and more just can't seem to stay away from. 

Just this weekend, sitting in the passenger seat of a packed car, I noticed two women standing between a right-hand lane and a parking lane in New York City holding a selfie stick, adjusting their hair in the wind in an attempt to capture both their smiles and the World Trade Center towering in the distance.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone knows how to respond to a selfie — whether they're snapping the picture themselves or just posing next to friends, the selfie has become somewhat of an art form.

And perhaps to test this theory, a new Buzzfeed video shows one man walking silently (literally, he's not talking in any of the footage) throughout the office, randomly holding a selfie stick, pranking his fellow co-workers.

Without saying a word, he stands alongside others, holding the stick and waiting for them to react. Needless to say, he manages to get hilarious responses from everyone who assumes they're getting their picture taken.

Meanwhile, it's all caught on film.


This guy starts with a smile, then gives up.

That was easy.

"This is like the second weirdest thing that's happened to me at this office so far."


Be sure to watch the full video below:


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