If You're Not 100% Straight, This Photographer Wants You


The gender and sexuality spectrum is pretty bright and colorful and vivid, and the diversity the LGBTQ community encompasses is pretty astounding. Artist iO Tillett Wright has set out to document all the colors of that rainbow through the Self Evident Truths project, which aims to take 10,000 portraits of people who "identify as anything other than 100% straight" to erase the boundaries between the different subsets of the LGBTQ world.

A key component of the project is #WeAreYou, which is a sign of solidarity throughout and beyond the LGBT community.

The project doesn't just pay tribute to the tremendous racial, religious, and age diversity that exists among people who don't identify as straight. It also serves to debunk a lot of common stereotypes surrounding LGBT+ people. There are plenty of masculine-presenting men in the series, for example, and subjects aren't forced to note how they identify, taking the focus away from gender and sexuality labels and bringing it back to the people themselves.

Self Evident Truths has hosted photoshoots all over the country and plans to set up a 10,000-photo installation on the lawn before the Washington Monument sometime in 2016. People can sponsor a face to help them get to D.C., or they can buy a We Are You shirt to show their support for the project and the LGBT community in general.

Check out the video below to learn more about this great cause, and check out a tiny fraction of the gorgeous faces that have been photographed so far.

1. Bold and beautiful.

2. Mean hat sense.

3. The fashion in this series is sublime.

4. Azealia Banks is into it.

5. So is Lily-Rose Depp.

6. Cara Delevingne's for it.

7. As is Amber Heard.

8. Makeup goals.

9. Swoon.

10. The big guy's cool with it.

11. Friends welcome.

12. Where do we get that vest?

13. The little ones approve.

14. Dogs too.

15. Killin' it.


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