The Cast Of Seinfeld Get Back In Character To Wish Terminally Ill Fan A Happy Birthday


When 's father was celebrating his birthday this past year, he decided to do something special for the man he admired the most.

Diagnosed with a rare form of non-smoking lung cancer, he knew his dad James Anthony Calder was too ill for a conventional birthday party.

So, along with his wife, they decided to throw a virtual birthday party on Facebook where friends could send video messages, as he explained in his Huffington Post article.

However, they wanted to really impress his dad, so they decided to try reach out to the characters from his favorite TV show, Seinfeld.


That's when the amazing happened.

All of a sudden, some of the main actors from the show and some of the most memorable supporting characters began sending videos.

Calder also said that Ben Stiller sent over a private video and Michael Richards personally called his dad to wish him a happy birthday.

Elaine sent her well wishes.

Peterman returned from the jungles.

The Soup Nazi took a break from the store.

Newman dropped a line as well.

Many more actors also left birthday messages.

Check them out on YouTube here.

RIP James Anthony Calder


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