If You're Eating Out Alone, This App Will Help You Make Friends By Filling Seats At Your Table

Table for one ... more.

Eating out alone can sometimes be a welcomed experience, but other times it can get kind of lonely. Staring at an empty seat across from you may make you long for a  bit of company. 

If you're feeling like the latter, there's a new app called SeatCheck.  It gives diners the option to share their table with anyone who is waiting and willing to share a dining experience. Besides just being a convenient tool for a dining out, it's a pretty awesome way to meet new people.

SeatCheck is just another business added to the growing "share economy."  The app joins the league of communal services like Uber Pool and AirBnB, but may possibly help cultivate more meaningful interactions.  After all, what better way to connect with someone than over a good meal?


"Me and my husband eat out about three to four times a week,"  Shahzeen Rehman, SeatCheck's co-founder, told A Plus. "One time, at our favorite restaurant, we were waiting for the table for almost an hour. We saw that most tables were only 50 percent occupied. So we thought, why can't we just join the people who are already sitting there? We pitched the idea to the manager of the same restaurant and he loved it. [...] Our inspiration was to create a product that would solve this problem and become a win-win for both restaurants and the diners."

As for the science behind the matching, it's pretty simple. A diner can go on the app and post a listing that includes restaurant location, number of seats available, and the length of time they intend to stay there. The listing can be viewed by people in the area, and users can review the diner's profile before making a request to join them. Users are matched once the diner accepts the request. 

Millennials have been blamed for many things, including the decline of restaurant dining. But according to the Nestle Top 10 Food Trends for 2015 report, young people are more attracted to unique dining experiences and are super into the sharing culture. With social media being the core of our social life, a food-related app that helps us meet new friends (or even a potential bae) is a solid win.

"Millennials are more open to the idea of using and connecting through new technology," Rehman said. "Millennials view dining as a social event and prefer communal tables when eating out. Also, they prefer convenience. So, if they can dine without waiting in line for the table, they would be the first adapters to such a product."

Making friends as an adult is not always easy, especially if you aren't involved in any activities that grant the opportunity to meet new people. And even if you have thousands of followers on social media, broadening your circle in real life can be a challenge. Offline connections require you to, literally, put yourself out there, but getting to know someone through genuine conversations and shared experiences can lead to some amazing relationships. 

"We hope that with this app, people will no longer want to eat alone because they can be sure to meet someone new in a very safe environment," Rehman said. 

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