Man's Pic Of Himself With Ex-Wife And Her Husband Makes A Solid Point About Peace

"Never give up friends."

It's not often divorce and splits go smoothly. They have the potential to do serious damage to relationships, and bad blood between ex-partners can tear parents away from their children. Fortunately, in some cases, all it takes is hard work, communication, and a willingness to compromise for split parents to find peace. 

Sean Whalen — a father whose poem about divorce appeared on A Plus earlier this year — made this point crystal clear by posting a photograph of himself and his children sitting with his ex-wife and her new husband and children. The image, accompanied by a poignant caption, makes an important point about choices when it comes to relationships.

Whalen, who writes that they had gathered together for dinner, notes that in the middle of their split five years ago, he and his ex-wife had to "have a police escort just to pick up and drop off (their) kids and, like so many couples whose marriages end in divorce, "only communicated through lawyers."

Whalen and his ex-wife, however, found a way to find peace. "Tonight we broke bread," he wrote, "laughed, played with the kids and had a great evening."

Whalen's post drives home the point that, whenever possible, people should feel empowered to choose peace over conflict.

Take a look at Whalen's full post below.

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