Mechanic And Wife Raise Money, Buy Car For School Custodian

Sometimes, people are moved to incredible acts of kindness.

When Sean Merrill and his wife Darilyn saw school custodian Robert Ford walking home, Sean was suddenly overcome with a strong compulsion to offer than man a ride home.

"I was stopped at a red light I saw a middle aged man walking through the crosswalk directly in front of my car," Merrill wrote on a GoFundMe page he later created. "It was 9:45pm and this man seemed tired from a long days work, walking with lunch box in hand and a slight droop of the head. I felt a strong impression to stop and ask him if he needed a ride. My wife agreed, so I pulled over. In that brief trip he (Robert) told us that he missed his bus that day. It takes him 2.5 hours on public transportation to get to work and that same commute home after his day is over."

That might have been the end of it, but Merrill couldn't get Mr. Ford's 5 hour daily commute off his mind.

That's when Sean Merrill, who, according to is a mechanic and the owner of Nobori Auto in Murray, Utah, decided to start a GoFundMe page, seeking $1500 to buy Mr. Ford a car and insurance.

He achieved that goal and then some. 

Watch Mr. Ford's heartwarming reaction, posted by his wife on Facebook, below.

About a month ago, this wonderful couple saw Robert walking home from work. They stopped and gave him a ride and In their words; "We couldn't get him off our minds." They set up a go-fund-me account and collected enough to "find Robert a ride" Sean Merrill is a mechanic, so he got to work and made sure Robert was taken care of. Here's the wonderful outcome. Thanks to Sean and Darilyn Merrill, for their Christ-like charity!

Posted by Kathy Ford on Saturday, November 21, 2015


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