This Script-Reading Program Could Predict The Movie That'll Win You An Oscar

Take an easier path than Leo.

The 2016 Oscars have been dominated by two stories: #OscarsSoWhite drama and whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win his first Academy Award for nearly freezing to death while filming The Revenant. When the ceremony finally plays out on February 28, we can expect both storylines to get much richer one way or another, but as soon as the discussion dies down we'll inevitably fall into a bit of a post-awards season hangover.

That's actually a period of time that many look forward to given how dangerously out of touch major award shows seem to be getting. However, the actors hustling to make names for themselves probably wouldn't shy away from the idea of landing a role that's a straight-shot to an Oscar. Now it looks like a new program might be able to get them there.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ScriptHop is an artificially intelligent service that analyzes volumes of screenplays "to determine Oscar bait, minority characters or that all-important screen time." Twelve-year United Talent Agency (UTA) veteran Scott Foster teamed up with Portland, Ore.-based developer Brian Austin to create the bot, which can read a script and do a complete character breakdown in four seconds. It takes a human maybe four hours to do the same thing, and while it's probably not a total replacement for humans reading scripts, it can definitely sift through the nonsense faster to find key attributes that might line up with what a certain actor wants.

"If you're an agent looking for roles for minority clients, it's hugely helpful," said Foster.

As for how it works? "There's a lot of sauce in the secret sauce," quipped Austin. All you have to know is ScriptHop can even analyze the big kicker: emotional peaks and valleys. In other words, if you need help finding that surefire Oscar reel scene, ScriptHop could be your best friend.

Cover image: 20th Century Fox via YouTube


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