This New 'Scraped Plate' Campaign Is Supposed To Weird You Out, But It's For A Good Cause

Could this work?

After feasting on a yummy burger and french fries, many of us have no problem tossing the leftovers away — leftovers that if we had only put what we could eat on our plate might have lasted us another meal. Sadly, food waste is all too common.

Scraped Plate is is a recently-launched, technology-based initiative that technology-based initiative that suggests a pretty bizarre "solution" to the hunger problem.

"Scraped Plate is a mobile app that allows you to send your leftovers with the push of a button," an introductory video uploaded to the initiative's YouTube channel explains. After notifying Scraped Plate via the app that you've finished with your meal but have some left to share, the initiative says that drivers arrive to scrape the contents of your plate and transport it to those in need.

Watch the astonishing plan in full below. 


Surprised at their solution to lost leftovers? Shocked, even? No worries — the campaign isn't serious. Scraped Plate's strange-seeming, tongue-in-cheek solution was designed to raise awareness by first raising brows.

"This service is a sham, but hunger is very real," it says on its website. "One in six Americans struggle with hunger everyday and it's only getting worse."

In 2014, almost 50 million Americans were classified as food insecure. But can charity alone solve a problem of such scope? It seems unlikely. 

That's why we — as a society — should consider changing our consumption habits. Scraped Plates's goal is to challenge us to think differently about what it will take to end hunger in the U.S.

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