11 Striking Photos That Will Change The Way You View The World


On March 27, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko embarked on a one year mission in space. Most space expeditions last only four to six months, so they'll both be breaking several spaceflight endurance records during their mission. Researchers will also be able to better understand how the human body reacts to being in zero gravity for long periods of time. 

While that'll help future astronauts go on even longer journeys, most people will never experience going into space at all. Lucky for us earthlings, Kelly has been taking mesmerizing photos from his journey and sharing them on Instagram. 

The images show the breathtaking beauty that is our planet from a perspective most of us have never seen. 


Check them out below:

1. The Northern Lights

2. Earth

3. Earth, again

4. Houston, Texas

5. The moon

6. The United States

7. Australia

8. The Himalayas

9. The Andes mountains

10. Aurora over Chicago

11. London

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