Man Runs 8 Marathons After Receiving Heart Transplant — From A Cow

Keep on moovin'

Two and a half years ago shop worker and runner Scott Allen, 34, from Plymouth, England was preparing to run the Rome Marathon. He was unable to compete, however, when a medical exam revealed he had a leaky valve in his heart, known as an aortic regurgitation. 

The news was devastating to Allen, who frequently runs marathons and plays soccer. Fortunately, the diagnosis did not mean he'd have to give up his beloved activities — rather, he could undergo surgery to replace the faulty heart valve. Allen was given the option of receiving a metal or organic replacement.


Allen chose organic, meaning he would receive the heart valve of a cow.

Nine months post-surgery, Allen was able to run again, thanks to the cow and the surgeons who reconstructed his heart. 

Since recovering, Allen has completed eight marathons, but his goal is to complete 20. His story is inspiring to say the least, and when Allen posted on Facebook asking if any beginner runners would like a coach, 17 people immediately responded. His beginner-focused running group steadily grew over time, and is now known as Storm. Currently there are 148 different runners involved.  

In a video interview posted by SWNS TV Allen says Storm isn't just about running...

"It's about instilling confidence, and making friends and just getting out and doing something active," says Allen.

Watch his inspiring story below:

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