The Mysterious Medical Condition That Makes You Get Drunk On Bread

Careful what you wish for.

Drinking alcohol is the only way to get drunk for most people on the planet. 

There are a few individuals, however, who can let their hair down and get drunk after eating bread. This isn't because the bread has been soaked in liquor; it's a rare-yet-real medical condition that allows people to ferment alcohol in their digestive system after eating carbohydrates.

As explained in the latest video from SciShow, Gut Fermentation Syndrome (also called Auto-Brewery Syndrome) is so rare that it has been extremely difficult for scientists to study it properly. 

The problem seems to be an over-abundance of yeast in the digestive system which ferments into alcohol. The alcohol then enters the bloodstream and causes intoxication, just as if the person had been hitting happy hour a little too hard.

Learn more about the condition that gets people drunk on bread here:



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