10 Scary-Sounding Chemicals Your Body Makes Naturally

Down with chemophobia!

There has been a big push in recent years to live "chemical free." The idea is that keeping our bodies free of toxins keeps us healthy. 

But there's one problem: the human body naturally makes a lot of the chemicals people would seek to avoid.

Over 96 percent of all structures are made up of only four chemical elements: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen. However, there are an incredible amount of different combinations these molecules can take, especially when they are joined by the other elements found in minor or trace amounts. Through chemistry, these are able to form the protein, fat, DNA, carbohydrates, and other chemicals found in our bodies.

We simply cannot live without chemicals. We are chemicals. 


The body is constantly performing different processes in order to stay healthy and make repairs. Some of the chemicals required for this are better known in other applications including bleach, embalming fluid, and nail polish remover, among many others. This can sound scary, but they actually perform critical functions we can't live without.

SciShow recently made a list of 10 of these scary-sounding chemicals that our bodies make naturally. 

Hopefully, this helps to alleviate some of the chemophobia—the irrational fear of chemicals—that seems to be increasingly common these days.

Check out the chemicals currently coursing through your veins here:


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