What Are Eye Boogers, Anyway?

Rise, shine, and pick the crap out of your eyes.

As if having to get out of bed in the morning isn't hard enough , the corners of our eyes are often plagued with blobs of dry crust, commonly referred to as "eye boogers," which need to be picked away before you can face the day. 
Anyone who has fallen asleep with eyeliner or mascara on knows that it makes things a lot worse, to the point where it looks like a gross black bug embedded itself in your eye.
There's actually no set scientific name for that glob of gunk in your eye, but scientists do know quite a bit about why it happens. A recent video from SciShow breaks down what we know about how eye boogers form, what it means about the health of your eye, and when it turns into something that's more than a random annoyance.
Check out the video and learn more about eye boogers here:
Cover image: Shutterstock


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