21 Hilarious Times The Science Side Of Tumblr Did Science Too Well

Nerd power... #12 is hilarious.

In case you haven't noticed, science has done some big things lately.  We now have a picture of Pluto that wasn't drawn on a Post-It. NASA found earth's long lost twin. A DNA study just changed the way we talk about human migration. Science is awesome and mind-blowing and shiny, and no one appreciates it quite like the Tumblr universe does.

Tumblr has long been giving science that extra push into internet glory. The science side of Tumblr is always there to improve your science smarts while keeping it silly. Check out these examples of Tumblr taking on the glorious world of science and totally winning. You'll understand why we're such fans.


1. Research-backed beauty.

2. On keeping those poets grounded.

3. They're there to keep us in the know.

4. It's always good to have zoologists on hand.

5. Tumblr's especially knowledgeable when it comes to the animal kingdom.

6. They're digitally savvy.

7. They're calm in disasters.

8. They're all about the scientific method.

9. We all get nostalgic sometimes.

10. They ask the hard-hitting questions.

11. Gotta school em.

12. Connecting with nature is important.

13. They know their units of measure.

14. They understand even the most convoluted jokes.

15. They hit where it hurts.

16. Pun game strong.

17. We see what you did there.

18. They provide the logic help we all need.

19. There's plenty of room for philosophy here.

20. They know their history.

21. They provide great sound effects.


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