13 Science Experiments For Kids That Are Super Simple And Fun

Did we hear, "future scientist"?

Kids are inquisitive little humans who are often in awe of their surroundings. At this crucial development stage, parents are frequently advised to nurture their interests. Engaging children can sometimes be challenging — as all parents surely know — but these 13 science experiments for kids are fun and easy enough to keep them interested and hungry for more.

Sure, learning science in a classroom with other bored children is one way to do it. But if you can encourage them even more, why not? Going the extra mile at home can go hand in hand with their classroom education. And showing them how that translates into results they can see in real life is something else entirely. Science experiments let kids know that it really isn't as intimidating as it all sounds in a book. 

If you're a parent and you missed out on this as a kid, these science experiments are sure to fascinate your adult mind, too, because science never gets old. And when you get that "Wow!" reaction from your kids when something changes colors or starts bubbling, you know you've won them over. So turn your living room into a real-life mad scientist's laboratory, because it's about to get science-y in there.


1. Erupting volcano

A classic home science project. Instructions on this website.

2. Homemade slime

This cool project is fun for the whole family.

3. Cloud in a jar

This fun, easy experiment brings out all the most beautiful blue hues.

4. Fizzy bottle rocket

These will definitely impress your kids. Just be sure to do this one in an open space.

5. Dry ice bubbles

Watch it "explode" before your eyes.

6. Bouncy egg

This turns a real egg into a stretchy, bouncy ball

7. DIY lava lamp

This safe, fun lava lamp is a fun project to make with your kids.

8. Frozen bubbles

This is a cool (pun intended) easy project to do when it's really, really cold out. Plus, it looks beautiful.

9. Invisible ink

Make invisible ink with a few everyday ingredients. Kids will love making their own secret messages.

10. Dyed flowers

These pretty flowers can start a conversation about plant xylem.

11. Colored milk

It's amazing what a little soap, food coloring and some milk can do.

12. Walking water

It's not quite walking on water, but it's interesting.

13. Underwater candle

Learn about atmospheric pressure with an "underwater" candle.

Cover image via iStock / pushlama


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