10-Year-Old Charlotte Is On Her ‘Worst Behavior’ As She Sassily Owns This British Newscaster

Just hold it right there, Mr. Neil.

Newscaster Andrew Neil attempted to make a point about the government banning unhealthy food in schools on his British show "Daily Politics."


He began by saying, "You know what I mean by the nanny states? The government telling you what to do. Isn't this just another example of the government trying to tell you what do to?"

Well, hold up. You can just stop right there.

Ten-year-old Charlotte immediately gets a little irritated and has had enough. There is no time for this silliness. 

Before he can finish and her friend Sophia can speak, she cuts him off with a prompt and stern, "Mr. Neil," and gets right into some numbers and this so called business of the government running our lives.

She begins the ownage by stating, "Do you remember on January 31, 1983, when seatbelts were made compulsory?"

Mr. Neil, unaware Charlotte knew about 1983 and taken aback by her advanced vocabulary, for some reason repeats, "compulsory," and goes on further, saying, "you had to wear them."

That would be correct, Mr. Neil. Glad you're keeping up. #FactsOnly.

Moving on.

Once Mr. Neil becomes aware he is dealing with his future prime minister, he sits back and listens to the rest of what Charlotte has to say.

She continues to explain how it was an unpopular idea and people didn't like it. 

She then asks Mr. Neil, "Do you know how many lives it saved, a year?"

He responds back, "I think you're going to tell me."

Pssshhhh. Of course she was. She looks at him blankly and delivers the most cold-blooded "Yes" you have ever heard.

Mr. Neil, you better hasten up and quick ... this show just found a new host.

Charlotte goes on to state that the mandatory, err, compulsory (sorry, Charlotte!) law saved 300 lives per year.

Her friend, Sophia agreed with the fact that if the government is doing something to save lives, we should be told what to do.

Instead of simply agreeing with the two bright schoolgirls, Mr. Neil decides to go the opposite route.

Not a good idea.

Mr. Neil began elaborating that, "When I was your age, and someone told me not to do something, that usually meant I'd try to do it." 

Charlotte simply cannot relate to such a statement and quips back, dead serious, "Maybe you weren't educated properly."

Wow! You a gangsta for real Charlotte.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

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